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9x2 (9 Shadows & 2 Blush) or ...

Pro Palette 5 (5 Shadows)

Enjoy the luxury of customizing & refilling as needed


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As we believe in empowering women around the world, we believe that when you look your best, you feel your best! Enjoy our Exclusive Luxury Brand & Superior Quality Eye Shadows. No colors are wasted as our Exclusive Palettes are customized to suit you and your desired look. All of our shadows are offered as an individual option or can be purchased as your palette refill. Our exclusive palettes allow the convenience of customizing, interchanging & refilling with all of your favorite colors. Our palettes are uniquely designed to protect your eye shadows while preventing germ contamination. Using only the finest micro powders available, allowing beautiful long-lasting, paraben-free, animal cruelty-free ingredients for the best quality beauty enhancement makes applying our flawless eye shadow quite easy. Our shadows blend exceptionally & easily as they are long-lasting & true to color.  Enjoy our superior quality eye shadows which are offered in an extensive range of gorgeous color options.  *View your palette options below. 


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Pro Palette 5

Pro Palette 9x2

(9 shadows/2 Blush)

Enjoy luxury palettes that are designed perfectly just for you while also having the convenience of having your shadows, blush + shimmer, highlight/bronzer all at your fingertips. Receive a complimentary Online Beauty Consultation with your purchase of your customized 9x2 palette (9 shadows/2 blush) or our Pro Palette 5 shown above.  Our Palettes are uniquely designed to protect your shadows & blush.  Enjoy customizable palettes by Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood.

Our professional palettes securely fit into any purse, travel bag or makeup kit. Enjoy the convenience of refilling with your desired shades as needed at any time. Shadows can also be purchased individually.


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