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NAKEAH COSMETICS OF HOLLYWOOD...  An all inclusive line created with YOU in mind. A gorgeous combination of health & superior beauty as it truly allows your skin to breathe freely even when wearing makeup as we've proven our commitment to sustainability and flawless healthy skin. All of our products are free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. As well, our products are lead-free, talc-free, and animal cruelty-free. We take great pride in our special ingredients as our flawless long-lasting collection of renowned foundations and amazing skin care has changed many lives in such a beautiful way. As experts in beauty, we're quite known for matching every undertone & skin complexion to perfection without mixing or having any negative skin reactions. Along with the amazing quality of our brand, it was created for women of every undertone and of every ethnicity while providing a gorgeous long-lasting finish. We hear it daily... "The quality is quite exceptional".  We are environmental conscious and believe in helping our customers gain & maintain healthy radiant skin while living a flawless lifestyle. Our skin care for men is quite exceptional as well. Our customers instantly notice a beautiful difference in their skin's y.verall appearance due to the quality of our ingredients and our passion for our customer's having beautiful radiant skin. 
Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood was founded by Texas Native, Makeup Artist to the Stars "Nakeah Fuller" with more than 18 years of experience in every area of beauty & men's grooming as she's known for naturally bringing true beauty to life; both inside & out. Ladies & gentlemen around the world are enjoying our beautiful exclusive luxury brand as it naturally freshens every look without having the appearance of being overdone. A brand infused with dynamic knowledge & a great deal of love & passion. It is a long-lasting, healthy formula that's known to improve the skin's overall appearance both on & off camera. As Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood exceptionally caters to all of your healthy skin's needs, we take great pride in our superb, independent product brand. Our customers around the world appreciate its exclusivity and its exceptional quality. It is important to know with great confidence WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU. With extensive experience & extensive passion, Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood fills a tremendous void for both women & men who desire to look and feel their absolute best while maintaining fresh, radiant skin without having any doubts, no matter what.


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