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The Exclusive Foundation Quiz

Foundation Experts That You Can Trust

A Few Important Reasons Why You Want To Take Our Foundation Quiz:
What type of finish do you prefer?
What is your Skin Type?
What type of coverage do you prefer?
How often do you wear foundation?
Do you have a consistent Skin Care Regimen?
Do you know your skin's undertone?
Do you have any skin concerns?
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Thank you for taking our quiz!

1,  Start our Quiz Below.  We are an exclusive,  luxury, independent beauty brand that truly cares about our customer's skin.  Our brand has touched and changed many lives because of its unique greatness and exceptional quality.  You'll notice the superior difference immediately the moment you apply our products. Please enjoy!  We are here for you.


2. Our Foundations do not clog your pores and your skin will breathe consistently. Yes! Even when wearing it... which is quite rare, just as the following.

3. Bye-bye filters!  You will no longer need to filter your images to help improve your skin's appearance.

4. Our foundations never look or feel heavy; even after hours of wear. Our customers rave about the freshness of their skin and the longevity when wearing for hours. Makeup has a tendency to sink into pores and crevices while changing colors over time. Not here!

5. You'll receive excellent coverage without having to pack it on.  It is buildable but no need to pack it on to get the coverage that you may need. Let your pores breathe. The excellent quality goes a very long way as it enhances your skin's health.

6. In online photos, many can often see "talc" on the skin; especially when there's a need to use a flash to take your photos and/or videos. Talc is an ingredient that un-naturally blocks your skin's natural tone and is used in most foundations. With our foundation, on your pictures & video, you'll notice very fresh, flawless, natural skin without having a light or grey cast on the face; especially when using the flash of a camera. Why? Because it is talc-free and made for camera with the finest quality all-natural ingredients which helps to keep the skin fresh and healthy while allowing the skin's natural tone to appear. 

7. There's no mixing necessary. Which makes timing & overall life so much easier. We have your perfect shade and we're excited to ship you the perfect match.  Along with the answers below, be sure to upload a photo or selfie taken in natural/outdoor lighting. Be sure that you are facing the natural/outdoor light when taking your photo for review.

8. Our brand is supported by a team of beauty geniuses who've all been in this industry for decades and along with Nakeah Fuller's direction, experience & advanced beauty knowledge, you're definitely in the right hands. We are always here for you. With great passion for our customers, we want you to look your best, while maintaining healthy, radiant skin. You deserve it!

Enjoy the short quiz below and we'll take it from here. Get ready for a very beautiful life-changing makeup experience with your new foundation by Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood. If you have any further questions, contact us. We care.


We're excited for you! 


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