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Another luxurious show stopper! Make a one-of-a kind statement. Pull out our new luxe gloss and let the compliments roll.  Designed in our exclusive, glamorous, luxury, bling and gold packaging your lips will appear luscious while making such a beautiful statement. Our new exclusive luxury glosses speak class, sophistication, pure greatness and unique glamour as they're made of the finest quality ingredients and it shows. You deserve the very best. Our customers around the world are now enjoying our amazing new camera-ready, long-lasting glosses that are perfect for both day and evening wear. Shop below. Enjoy a gloss that looks and feels exquisite. Your lips will thank you for the exceptional quality. We hope you'll enjoy thes organic, animal cruelty-free quality in many extraordinary shades that each have proven to show off its capability of being flawlessly healthy, long-lasting and very beautiful. Without fading or caking up, our Luxe Gloss will keep your lips well conditioned and are non-sticky all while providing a remarkable opaque, long-lasting shine in the most stunning colors.  Also enjoy our gorgeous lipsticks as well!

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