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NAKEAH COSMETICS OF HOLLYWOOD... A line created with YOU in mind. A beautiful, healthy & unique line of cosmetics & skin care that has proven commitment to sustainability. All of our products are free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Our products are lead-free, talc-free, titanium dioxide-free and animal cruelty-free. We take great pride in our special ingredients; a gorgeous combination of health & beauty which also allows your skin to breathe freely even when wearing makeup. Our flawless long-lasting collection including our renowned foundations, botanical skin care & lip colors are offered in a large range known to be perfect for every undertone & skin complexion without mixing or negative skin reactions. Along with the amazing quality, this unique brand has the strongest color range ever as it was created for women of every skin type and of every ethnicity. We are environmental conscious and believe in helping our customers gain & maintain healthy radiant skin while living a flawless lifestyle. Our skin care for men is quite exceptional as well. Our customers instantly notice a beautiful difference in their skin's overall appearance due to the exceptional quality and its healthy special ingredients. 

Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood was founded by Makeup Artist to the Stars "Nakeah Fuller" with more than 18 years of experience in every area of beauty & male grooming as she's known for bringing true beauty to life; both inside & out. Ladies & gentlemen around the world are enjoying our beautiful exclusive luxury brand as it flawlessly & naturally freshens every look without having the appearance of being overdone. A brand infused with dynamic knowledge & a lot of love & passion. It is a long-lasting, healthy formula that's known to improve the skin's overall appearance both on & off camera. As Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood exceptionally caters to all of your cosmetics & skin care needs, we take great pride in providing the right attention to every customer in the areas of both health & beauty. It is important to know with great confidence WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU. With extensive experience & true passion, Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood fills a tremendous void for both women & men who desire to look and feel their absolute best while maintaining healthy, radiant skin without having any doubts, no matter what. 


Nakeah Fuller”; a Texas native, Makeup Artist to the Stars, Beauty Educator, Public Speaker, Influencer, Beauty Editor, Blogger & Founder of Nakeah's Academy Of Makeup, Man by Nakeah & All Things Beauty - a world renowned blog sharing the very best in beauty, fashion, entertainment & lifestyle. Nakeah Fuller works with many of Hollywood's most famous faces such as Harrison Ford, Chaka Khan, Pierce Brosnan, Russell Simmons, Victoria Justice, Loretta Devine, Mike Epps, and many, many more. Her client list & credentials are quite exceptional as she's worked in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industry for almost 2 decades & continues to be a dynamic force enhancing both men & women around the globe. Nakeah Fuller maintains advanced knowledge in every area of beauty & skin care including makeup for film, television, runway, bridal, commercial print, retail, direct sales, training, ingredients, product development & much more. As a proud Ambassador of the Susan G. Komen Foundation and an advocate of Breast Cancer Awareness, she's one who's quite passionate about beauty products that are not only beautiful both on & off camera, but products that are truly healthy for the skin. While providing services for countless celebrities, Nakeah Fuller has worked for many household beauty brands over the years while also providing professional makeup services for many global campaigns including AT&T and numerous magazine ads, editorial campaigns, billboards, television shows, films, award shows, red carpet premieres and for the runways during New York Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week. Along with her magnificent experience & dynamic credentials as a gifted beauty artist, with a special touch she's taken something great from her many years of professional experience and now with extensive knowledge & dynamic credentials, she has created her very own luxury brand infused with love for skin health & appearance for both men & women; a line that was truly created with YOU in mind. 

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Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood

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