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Welcome To The Amazing world of Luxury Beauty!

Our Mission:

When you look amazing, you also feel amazing. We introduce the excellence of our exclusive brand and we play a dynamic role in the appearance and lifestyle of many around the globe.  Using the right beauty products can change ones life in such an impactful way and our customers often share that their lives were tremendously enhanced when they discovered our flawless brand.  Their skin's health and radiance came alive. Our goal is to continue sharing the greatness of our all natural makeup and skin care around the world. Meanwhile, our Beauty Advisors gain full access to a consistent, top-leading industry while enjoying a very rewarding career as we provide knowledge and products that help others to look and feel their absolute best and our advisors celebrate and enjoy great success while dong so. Be a part of a team that loves every moment of what we do. We care and we appreciate the uniqueness and the excellent quality of Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood. We absolutely love sharing it with others and will continue building a dynamic team while enhancing lives around the world. 

  • Professional Beauty Advisors must agree to follow company guidelines, policies, and terms to ensure a successful business journey.
  • All Copyright laws are enforced and protected by the United States and International laws, including laws governing copyrights and trademarks. Content on our website not to be used without written approval by Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood.
  • As our Beauty Advisor's embrace a strong & knowledgeable start, all are required to attend our Virtual Product & Business Training. We're here to help you achieve great success.
  • The initial start-up cost is a special promotional rate and is subject to change.
Installments are permitted - Initial start-up cost:  
*Payment Option 1: $495.00 in full
*Payment Option 2:  2 Installments of $285.00 (includes a convenience fee)
*Payment Option 3:  3 Installments of $199.00 (includes a convenience fee)
*There are no refunds once your sign-up is received and once your business kit order is placed
 *Email to request a payment link for the authorized installments above
Sign-up is easy!  
 1.) Submit your form
 2.) Make your initial payment for your Professional Business Kit 
 3.) Once you receive our official Welcome Letter which also includes post cards to share with others, you are then authorized to start your business as a Global Ambassador for Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood
Training / Policies: 
  •  Visit the website for upcoming training dates or contact us for future training dates.
  • Training includes: Advisor Policies, Proper Sanitation, Company Overview, Product Knowledge, Quick & Easy Techniques for Women & Men (Grooming & Skin Care) , Beauty Advisor Marketing, Beauty Business Training & Updates.
  • With our great reputation & the high demand for our Exclusive Luxury Brand, it is our priority to partner with only the very best business & beauty professionals as we always strive for the success of fully satisfying our customer's needs & for the success of our Beauty Advisors.
  • Our Professional Beauty Advisors are required to maintain a full understanding of our brand's vision, culture, our story, product knowledge & policies while agreeing to fully represent Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood in a dynamic way by upholding company standards and professionally executing with confidence, knowledge, great customer service, highly respectable behavior, a professional appearance, awesome work ethics and an empowering attitude.
  • Advisors are provided with additional leads & opportunities as Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood is often invited to distribute our exclusive luxury brand at special events around the world including renowned award shows, trade shows, conferences, global conventions and more. 
  • Our Dress Code is strictly enforced. As Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood is a brand known for it's great professionalism & appearance, Beauty Advisors are required to uphold & follow specific dress code standards. During our training, there is a "Dress Code" session. Seasonal apparel is also available for purchase. Our designated team of Professional wardrobe stylists & designers will be adding additional options to our collection and will soon be available for Beauty Advisors. 
  • As a professional team & organization, our leadership offers excellent support & service for our Beauty Advisors.
  • Professional Business Kits for all Beauty Advisors include our best sellers and require 14 Business Days as they are shipped from our Canada Warehouse.
  • Earn an additional revenue of any sales made by your referral once they're an authorized Beauty Advisor.
  • Beauty Advisors can order our Exclusive Luxury Products; products of their choice at the discounted rate and sale at retail cost.  Discounts vary from 10%-50% based on the Beauty Advisorr's order total.  
  • Beauty Advisors can earn up to 50% on everything that he or she sales at retail.
  • Team Building is permitted. All Ambassador Policies apply to each team member. Once an Ambassador has 30 or more active team members, additional promotions will apply and he or she becomes a Sr. Advisor with additional earnings.
  • Professional Beauty Advisors are required to effectively manage their inventory as independent sales representatives.
  • Professional Beauty Advisors receive discounts & special promotions on their Business Inventory based on each order total.
  • All Beauty Advisors work independently while ensuring customer satisfaction and agree to follow company guidelines. If assistance is needed at anytime, please contact our Beauty Advisor Support Line. Extensive knowledge will be provided during our training, followed by monthly training sessions and updates. 
  • If Professional Makeup Services are required for a customer, we will schedule a Certified Makeup Artist to accompany you to service the customer.  Please do not attempt to provide Professional Makeup Services without Certification & approval. There is a service fee charged to the customer for Professional Makeup Services. This is separate from Product Purchases.
  • Beauty Advisors are required to set up an account here on our website & will receive a company ID# via email for order tracking & Beauty Ambassador Referrals.
  • There are no refunds on Professional Beauty Advisor Kits or Product Orders. Exchanges are permitted on un-opened items.
  • If Professional Beauty Advisor Policies are broken, at any time any & all Beauty Advisor Business Offers & partnerships can be terminated immediately by Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood.
  • Beauty Advisors must complete our online sign-up form & make payments in full before business benefits are initiated.  
  • Business Kit Orders are shipped from our Canada Warehouse to our Dallas Headquarters & are received within 10-14 Business Days.
  • For product orders, marketing material or brand apparel, we accept all major credit cards.
  • Now shipping Internationally.  For questions:
  • Back-ordered items can take 7-14 days to reproduce. We will ship immediately priority mail once your requested items are back in stock. Please include your phone number and email address with your order.  You'll be asked to submit this information at checkout. This can also be sent via our contact page or by email. You will be contacted promptly and provided an estimated delivery date.
  • Rush orders are permitted for purchases but must be requested by phone or you may email: Expedited shipping charges will be applied to your rush order.
  • An automated receipt is generated & sent to you electronically at the completion of payment processing.
  • Share a review as we'd love & appreciate your feedback:  REVIEWS
  • Shipping is applied to all orders with the exclusion of special promotions. 
  • International Shipping Fees include additional insurance, paperwork is completed by our staff at the time of shipping. There is an International Handling Fee of $14.95 for all International Orders.
  • There are NO refunds on products purchased. Exchanges are permitted on un-used & unopened items only.
  • We take our brand's safety, health and the sanitation of our products quite seriously. Once an item is shipped, received by a customer, opened and used there are no returns permitted.  Exchanges are permitted on un-used products only.
  • We provide Consultations and dynamic Makeup Classes for our customers and for our Beauty Ambassadors. Please email, call or visit our contact page to schedule at any time. Our staff will schedule accordingly.
  • For Makeup Class Information, please visit our Academy website for details
  • Fees for classes cannot be credited towards products or services. Product orders cannot be credited for classes.
  • There are no refunds on makeup kits nor Ambassador Business Kit purchases once your order has been placed. 
  • Some of our Beauty Collections & Makeup Kit Collections are seasonal. You will be notified of seasonal beauty items at the time of each new collection launch.  Our Professional Beauty Advisors are fully trained in every area to ensure great success.
Your success is our success...  
We look forward to having you on the team!
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